The March 31st gathering of the Knights of Cortes

The three hundred twenty sixth meeting of the Knights of Cortez took place on March 31, 2021.  Chef Roger Martin opened the Casa Martin Restaurant especially for us. It is located inside the El Nido B & B, which is owned by Sir Gary Morton.

The meeting was called to order by Sir Bob Schultz at 8:15 AM.  In attendance were a total of 38 persons,  18 members and 16 guests, 10 of whom, with the assistance of Sandra Berry and Marilyn Plank,  were members of the Ladies Tomatoes Social group. The additional guest consisted of those noted below.






Along with their respective team members consisting of Luis Aragon and Sergio Perez for the Governor Candidate and Gabriella Palacios Marquez, and Arturo Osunam for the District 1 Deputy’s team. The guests for today’s meeting were arranged for by the Coordinators of the Foreign Community in Los Cabo, Nohemi Romero, and Enrique Gonzalez.

We had encouraged each member to bring your spouse, significant other as well as any friends or neighbors who may have an interest in the future of Baja Sur and our community.

Both candidates where introduced by Nohemi Romero who, with the able assistance of Sir Sergio Gonzales, translated the proceedings for the non-Spanish speaking attendees. Each Candidate’s qualifications and past political experience were presented by way of an English language version of their personal political power point presentation.

Following these presentation, both candidates spoke of their visi0on for the future of the Baja Sur and Cabo in general.  It was noted that Cabo is now the leading and most wealth municipality in Mexico and contributes 85% of the total Mexican Federal budget.

Following was a q& A period. Sir Davis Larson spoke of the advancements already taking place in the Baja Sur especially in the areas of online administration. He further mentioned the need to address the major growth taking place especially in the El Tazel area of Cabo. Water, sewer and CFE electrical shortages would appear to be far behind the growth that is taking place.   

Sir Sergio Gonzalez also mentioned that even though the Cabo San Lucas area produced more than 60 % of the Baja Sur revenues sent to Mexico City, the area seems lacking in being provided a full returning share of money for improvements.  He stated that a disproportionate amount of tax money is returned to LA Paz and San Jose, while Cabo trails badly in the mix.

Sir Bob Schultz spoke of the need for the expat community to be heard by the local and state government.  He noted that although many of the expat community may be unable to vote, they do vote by investing a great deal of money into the community.

At the conclusion of his comments, Sir Bob presented honorary membership in the Knights of Cortes  to each candidate anas well as Nohemi Romero and Enrique Gonzalez..  Sir Bob asked that when the candidates where elected, they might not forget us, but visit the members whenever they are in Cabo.  Pancho Pelayo promised the membership that that would in fact be the case.

At the conclusion of the formal meeting of the Knights of Cortes, breakfast was served while several one-on-one conversation took place.  At 10:40 AM, Sir Bob formally called the meeting concluded.