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Lynn Sumida, miruspoint Facilitators

knights-lynn-sumida-16dec15-2779-r1Lynn is a founding partner of Miruspoint Facilitators Inc., a company dedicated to the development and delivery of profound, transformational processes that assist individuals, couples, organizations and companies in accessing their true potential. In her roles of Facilitator and Trainer, Lynn embodies a unique blend of compassionate insight and pragmatic wisdom as she draws upon her extensive experience in the worlds of counselling, training and management.

Lynn is a contributing author to the book The Thought that Changed my Life Forever – How one Inspiration can Unleash Your Potential and Transform the World.

1389041215Lynn’s unswerving dedication to awakening the courage to change is steeped in a Master’s Degree in Social Work (University of Toronto), twenty years of private counselling practice and specialized concentration in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Lynn has been a school clinician providing support and training to students, teachers and parents from pre-school to high school.

Since 1980, when she launched her counselling and training company, Lynn has implemented her direct, action-oriented approach to professionals in such diverse fields as Education, Mental Health, Corrections and Child Welfare, across Canada and the United States to Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, England and Ireland. Lynn currently lives in Vancouver Canada.


Lynn Sumida, MSW RSW
miruspoint Facilitators Inc.
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