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knights of cortez meeting february 24, 2021


Following aa long stretch of enjoyable breakfast meetings at La Herato Farm to Table Restaurant, our meeting was called to order at 8:05 Am by Sir Bob.  We convened  our meeting at Marco’s   new Cabo Bakery Cochina which is located within the Pioneer Mall near downtown Cabo San Lucas. Even with many members absent due to the Covid 19 restrictions, we had a good turnout of 18 members and two guests.

This was our 323rd gathering and considering the Covid 19 pandemic situation, the meeting was well attended.  Several of our regulars have yet to come down for the season, and it appears that our nearly all of our Canadian friends may have to forgo their annual pilgrimage all together. In addition, six of our regular members have returned to the US to receive their COVID-19 Vaccine inoculations while another 4 are just completing their 28-day hiatus between shots and will be returning to join us soon.  

To begin the meeting, Sir Bob discussed the upcoming Mexican elections and how they might affect the expat community.  It was suggested that we perhaps soften the rules regarding politics and attempt to bring some of the mayoral candidates to our meetings over the next two month.  It may be advantages for us to learn how we could leverage our numbers and gain some influence within the system.  

To that end, Sir Bob with the assistance of Sir Sergio Arroyo, will arrange for the PAN Party mayoral candidate to attend out meeting of March 17th.   Prior to that, we will arrange with the assistance of Sir Alex Tapia, to invite some of the current municipal managers who hold key municipal positions to learn how the local system functions and how we might become more effectively involved in the process.

Sir Jeff Hackstaff suggested that the Knights might better serve the community and become more personally involved in assisting one or two of the more needy nonprofit organization in the Cobo areas.   It was noted that Sir Dan DeCamp and his wife Pattie, are currently very active with Feeding Los Cabo Kids, who currently have fully operational, 14 local kitchens in the Cabo and the San Jose community feeding in excess of 1400 meals to the needy every day.  

Sir Jeff will look into ways in which we might be able to raise some funds to assist that organization, without engaging in a large gathering. Again COVID-19 restrictions offer greater challenges in fund raising at  a time when the need is even greater.

The next meeting of the Knights of Cortez is scheduled for March 4, 2021 and will once again be at the Cabo Bakery Cocina, commencing at 8 :00 AM. Please RSVP to the evite due to go out on Sunday, March 1, 2021. We hope you can attend, and please, bring a friend who you think might add to the quality of our meetings.