Breakfast Meeting of the Knights of Cortes

March 17, 2021

Today was the three hundred twenty-fifth gathering of the Knight’s of Cortes breakfast group. The meeting was held at the Villa Serena Restaurant. Moderator Robert Schultz, called the meeting to order at 8:20 AM.

Attending were eighteen members and eight guests.  The meeting featured a guest speaker. This morning was a “TOWN HALL” type meeting allowing our members and invited guests to meet the possible PAN Candidate for Mayor of San Jose Del Cabo:

Profesora Lupita Saldana

Campaigning is not allowed in Mexico’s election process until April, so Sr. Saldana expressed her desire to hear from us, the locals…the ExPATS community about what our concerns are. We asked those attending to come prepared to suggest possible concerns and  actions that the municipal government might undertake to make Cabo a better place to live.

Questions ran the full gambit of concerns with water once again being one of the primary reoccurring issues. Srt. Saldania noted that as a currently seated Senator in Mexico City, she has repeatedly attempted to address the needs for water infrastructure improvements.  She contends that the current administration has in place, non-qualified political appointees in management positions within the water department.  

She further noted that this seems to be the problem within several other departments as well.  They are being managed by individuals who are less than qualified. She promised if elected, to replace these individuals with engineers and others who have the needed education and firsthand knowledge and capability to properly manage the problems within several departments.

Additional concerns included zoning and what appears to be a lack of enforcement of the laws regarding Highrise buildings which hare blocking of views by new construction.  Ms Saldania noted that there is a Master Plan that was put into place almost 10 years ago and that she will work diligently to enforce the guidelines established by that civil engineering master plan.

The question of planned project was brought forth.  During our meeting with City Engineers two weeks earlier, they noted five priority project that the current administration wanted to see undertaken.  

The question was brought forth as to why, in as much the Cabo San Lucas area of the City,  which accounts for more than 55% of the total population and 65 % of the Tax revenues, yet only one of the five projects would be to benefit Cabo San Lucas and the other four would be placed with San Jose portion of the city.  

The question was “When will Cabo begin to get it’s fair share of the improvements.  Sr. Saladia referred back to the water and highway situation being largely a Cabo rea improvement

The meeting concluded at 10:45 AM with the awarding of Sr. Saldania with an “Honorary Membership” to the Knights of Cortes, as Lady Lupita Saldania.