Alberto Treviño addresses the Knights

About 30 men and women attended the weekly breakfast of the men’s breakfast club this morning to hear Alberto Treviño who is a candidate for the PRI party for Presidente Municipal (Mayor) of Los Cabos.  Because of the special speaker, women and guests were invited to attend.


A graduate of the University of Guadalajara, who also attended the University of British Columbia in Canada, Treviño explained how he has spent 15 years in the private sector working in hotels, restaurants and time share. He was appointed to represent the private sector as Secretary of Tourism, followed by representing the Los Cabos area as a congressman.

“There is no balance between the economic development, security and social structure of Los Cabos.  We are not that far from La Paz and the problems facing that city need to be recognized. That engine is running and we need to be one step ahead. These issues need to be faced not only on a local level, but statewide and federal.”

He elaborated on the need for good security, and is proposing changes in that area in coordination with federal government. He indicated there are obstacles in the economic area, for example in creating a business. “The government needs to become a facilitator, not a hindrance.  There are 3,500 employees working in government with a population of 270,000. There is no transparency. No information on budget, payroll, salaries.

“It is a big challenge for Los Cabos to balance the economic and social segments, to bring benefits to people who are suffering with transportation, security and other critical areas, especially in the barrios. When you get to see what is going on in the barrios, then you know there are crisis.

“This is the first time for a different type person to be running to take on the leadership of the city. Now there is no leadership. This is a good moment, a historical moment, in the history of Los Cabos to turn it around to see the results. But, everyone needs to help the leaders. Those who vote to get new people in, if only for the next 3 years will be instrumental in setting up the basics for the future. We have a great chance. We have the lowest participating in voting: only 38% of 180,000 who have the right to vote, voted in the last election. The last mayor was elected with 15% of the votes.”

Questions followed from the audience regarding education, the all-inclusive hotels in Los Cabos, the need for good relationships between the private sector and government, and all responded  by Treviño with solid answers.

By Sandra A. Berry
Photography by Jessica Montes de oca