About Us

Knights of Cortés, a social breakfast club for men in Los Cabos.

The word knight conjures up thoughts of those champions of causes during medieval times. The word today is still recognized for those who are committed to serve, protect and defend a cause or are supportive of certain beliefs. That is the general purpose of a group of men who meet on a weekly basis whose desire it is to actively be in touch with the community. The core membership of approximately 80 consists of men from all walks of life, including Mexicans, Canadians, Americans and other foreigners who are mostly retired and living in the Los Cabos area. Many are doctors, attorneys, architects, building contractors, and real estate professionals, along with a publisher, professional photographers, and others who are interested in being informed and are willing to assist when called upon. Individuals are invited to speak to the group on subjects of interest to the group as a whole and primarily directed to the betterment of the community and environment.

The men’s social group met for the first time November 19, 2014 and was officially formed in January, 2015.  They meet for breakfast on a weekly basis at various restaurants. Periodic evening dinner socials include the spouses and significant others. For information email knightscortes@gmail.com.

Email: knightscortes@gmail.com