Mark Reddick March 30, 2016

Mark Reddick gave a brief introduction of how state-of-the-art mobile technology is leading the charge into “m-commerce”.  Sherlock local


Our mission is to make Sherlock the definitive place to go to find and purchase the best deals on products and services worldwide, both on the Internet and on Mobile devices.


Breakfast March 16, 2016

Admiral Arturo Lopez Sosa, Cabo San Lucas Naval base.
Contralmirante Arturo Lopez Sosa,  Sector Naval, Cabo San Lucas



Maritime Emergencies:
Tel: 624-105-1110 – VHF Channel 16

Link to photos from the Search and Rescue training exercise held in 2010.

PDF file for the presentation by Admiral Lopez Sosa. Be patient, the file is slow to load.

Promotional Video of the Mexican Navy posted on YouTube

Breakfast 09 March 2016

Estrella Restaurant at Welk Resort. Chris Sands gave an informative presentation on the history of Los Cabos.


For more information on Los Cabos history visit a site built and managed by Joseph A, Tyson and Los Cabos Magazine.

chris-sands-knights-09mar16-3989-r2 chris-sands-knights-09mar16-3993-r2

Article by Chris Sands on the history of Los Cabos.

Pirates, Paradise, and the Pericú – Mapping the rich, complicated history of Los Cabos – Los Cabos Magazine, Issue 42.


Report on Mexico Auto Registration

This is a long one, but I think important to read and understand what is going on here in Mexico.  Some will say Bull shit, can’t happen. OK then just place in junk mail. But this is the law right from the horses mouth so to speak.  Spent several house in TJ just  before I came back. Attached is a report of what I was told.  By: Bob Schultz


As many of you are aware, I recently went back to the US to take care of some personal matters. As I was driving,  I stopped at the SAT Office in TJ to see if I could assertain the latest facts regarding importing of US and Canadian registerd autos.  They seemed as confused as the rest of us but I think I did glean some useful information and facts.
Read the complete report here:

Knights Breakfast 02 March 2016

Our guest speaker was Sr. Clicerio Mercado​, a 26 year resident in Los Cabos. He talked about some of the changes he has seen during those 26 years. His work history as a food and beverage manager includes the hotel chain Posadas de México, Presidente Hotel in San Jose del Cabo, and Plaza las Glorias in Cabo. Since 1993 he has been working full time for the Bisbee Tournaments. He has been a member of the Rotary club since 2000 and donates time to several local charities.