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Grassroots Global Development Foundation is an international grant making foundation that provides financial and strategic support to locally led, community based organizations who are serving women and children impacted by poverty.

Cabo Hurricane Fund
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We’re going to rebuild. That was the commitment we made the day after Hurricane Odile struck. But we also recognized the immediate needs that come after a natural disaster the magnitude of Hurricane Odile. That’s why we initiated our first phase of support in the form of emergency relief. After completing community needs assessments, and meeting with local leadership, we have initiated a plan to deliver reconstruction grants to the most devastated areas around Los Cabos. But we need your help to do it!


Globally Minded. Locally Led.
In order to address the complexity of poverty in today’s world, it’s critical to connect the appropriate resources with local populations who are on the front lines of tackling poverty. We achieve this through thoughtful grant making and organizational capacity building.

View their Presentation as a PDF file.

Estrella Restaurante 11 November 15

Guest of the Knights:  Onagh Ash, Founder and Board President,
Grassroots Global Development Foundation, and Isaac Garcia, Reconstruction Project Manager of the Cabo Hurricane Fund.
Phone: +521-811-068-3027; email:

Onagh Ash, Isaac Garcia, Bob Schultz and Joe Tyson

Topic: New techniques to help rebuild homes lost during Hurricane Odile for families in Los Cabos, and other projects of  the Grassroots Global Development Foundation and the work of our grantees!

The Cabo Hurricane Fund is a unique collaboration between community-based organizations in Cabo San Lucas and the global community that supports relief and rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurricane Odile.