Jesus Horacio González, April 13, 2015

Arquitecto (Architect) Jesus Horacio González Andujo, General Director, Instituto Municipal de Planeacion. (General Manager, Municipal Planning Institute for Los Cabos).

Arquitecto Alex Tapia, Arquitecto Jesus Horacio González, Arq. Alejandro Gallardo Gonzáles.

Paseo Los Cabos s/n, Plaza las Velas,
Local 1 San José del Cabo B.C.S.  CP. 23406
Teléfono: (624) 130 7704  |  (624) 130-7704
MSc. Arq. Alejandro Gallardo González
(Alex gave the presentation and translated)
Regeneración Urbana – Urban Regeneration


Daniel Halloran, April 06 2015

We had a good attendance this morning to hear Dan’s informative talk about driving.
Guest Speaker of the Knights:  Daniel P. Halloran
Topic: Being a race car driver and how daily driving compares to race car driving.
Dan races with the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) in a Spec Racer Ford (SRF) Gen3.  His “home” circuit is Portland International Raceway in Portland Oregon but also races at other circuits. He has also been teaching high performance driving and race car driving for 8 years in Portland.

How to Import Your Car into Mexico & Get Mexican Plates

Good article by James Glover with
Updated April 2, 2014

importingcarThe short answer is wait – enforcement of non-imported cars has been suspended.

Like many countries have done since the economic turn of the early century, Mexico has been closing loopholes in existing tax sources to raise more money for expanding social programs. In 2014 the rules and fees for importation of vehicles from north of the border were significantly changed, dramatically increasing fees, paperwork required and who would be allowed to act as agent. Continue reading at the link below.